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17 January, 2019 Sin categoría 0

GLTV’s third documentary about Equatorial Guinea premiere on Channel News Asia

In collaboration with the Ministry of Information, Press and Radio, “Equatorial Guinea: the gateway to africa” explains how the development plan Horizon 2020 has developed the country’s infrastructure to make it become the gateway of goods to Africa.

Global Television releases its third documentary about the development of the country under the title “Equatorial Guinea: the Gateway to Africa”. The program will be broadcasted from the 4th of September in Channel News Asia, and more than 50 million households will be able to watch it over 26 countries. After the English premiere in the Asian continent, it will be broadcasted in Spanish on TVGE.

In order to show Equatorial Guinea’s recent economic and social growth and the development achieved thanks to the plan Horizon 2020, the main players in both the public and private sectors narrate their experience in the country.

The companies that have participated in the documentary are China Road and Bridge Corporation, Sogeco Ecocsa, Martinez Hermanos, Sofitel, Imagesa and TMGE, all of which highlight the strategic position of Equatorial Guinea, and point out the way in which the infrastructure has been developed to receive and distribute goods to the entire African continent.

Moreover, the representatives of these companies emphasize the training the citizens of Equatorial Guinea has received during the last years to become an essential resource for the companies established in the country.

The Minister of Mines, Industry and Energy, Gabriel Obiang Lima Mbega, and the Minister of Commerce and Business Development, Alfredo Mitogo Mitogo Ada, have also collaborated on the documentary produced by Global Television to reveal the existing investment opportunities in Equatorial Guinea.

The broadcasting of “Equatorial Guinea: the gateway to Africa” on ​​Channel News Asia is “a great opportunity for the brand Equatorial Guinea,” says executive producer Cheryl Engels, “as business people from 26 different countries from Middle East to Australia, including India, China and Singapore, will be able to see Equatorial Guinea’s resources to become the gateway to Africa “.

The trailer of the documentary can already be seen on Channel News Asia, and its premiere is announced for the 4th of September at 8:30 pm. In addition, the broadcaster will repeat its airing the following dates:

  • Friday September 4th. – 01.30 am. (past midnight).
  • Saturday September 5th. – 05.30 am and 06.30 pm.

You can also watch the trailer at the following link: