About Us


GLTV is an independent media house providing detailed business and country reports for the world’s leading news and business networks. Our team of dedicated professionals are constantly searching for the world’s untold development stories and provide a global platform for those stories through the world’s leading networks, while at the same time creating an online presence for visual media.

After years of working in developing countries in media and international business we have noticed a lack of quality productions coming from some of the most interesting and fastest growing countries in the world.

The documentary format has been proven to draw the viewers closer to the subject helping them to become more familiar with a topic or product while at the same time building an emotional attachment.

Through our extensive network of dynamic, talented professionals from around the globe a concept was born for GLTV. Using this talent we provide a product that is second to none, promoting the rising stars of the developing world and working closely with government agencies and businesses to drive knowledge, investment and economic growth.

The GLTV team is truly international in nature, including individuals from the United States, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Spain, the Philippines, Suriname and Equatorial Guinea with a combined experience amounting to decades in TV production, editing, public relations and advertising.


Our Team